Hurricane Combat and Fitness

The Very Best in Kickboxing, Martial Arts & Fitness Classes 

Adults Kickboxing Classes, Liverpool 
Monday-Saturday in Bootle & Fazakerley

Hurricane Ccombat and Fitness Adults Kickboxing CardioHurricane Ccombat and Fitness Adults Kickboxing

This class caters for all skill, ability and fitness levels from complete beginner to advanced. It is a comprehensive and total body workout which incorporates martial arts techniques and fitness in one amazing and high tempo session. Punches, Kicks, blocks, open-hand, elbow and knee strikes are just some of these techniques which are learnt in conjunction with achieving define health and fitness goals. 

Hurricane Ccombat and Fitness Adults Kickboxing Jumping Round Kick

If you want inch-loss, weight-loss, increased muscle tone, flexibility, stamina and endurance then this is the class for you. There is an emphasis upon a healthy and fitness-orientated lifestyle and classes take place in a friendly, supportive and positive environment. They are also instructed by 15 x WORLD KICKBOXING CHAMPION - Ian "Hurricane" Hollett.

Self-defence, personal protection and positivity as well as stress relief are also great benefits of this highly-structured, goal-orientated class. 

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