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Benefits of our Kickboxing and Fitness Classes in Bootle and Fazakerley, Liverpool

Self Confidence


Martial Arts are brilliant for improving self confidence. As students progress through a structured step-by-step process, they acquire new skills which are marked by their progression through the belt system.

Increased competency breeds confidence and self-esteem

Also by learning to defend themselves they feel more secure and this generates greater self confidence.



Kickboxing is an excellent way to improve your fitness. While you are developing your technical and self-defence skills, you are also working your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems as well as shaping and toning every single muscle in the whole of your body. Punching and kicking are fantastic for strengthening and toning your arms, back and shoulders as well as your bum and the backs and fronts of your legs.

Weight Loss

Get in Shape

An average 1 hour kickboxing class can burn in excess of 800 calories. That is double most other types of exercise.

It is no wonder people choose martial arts as a form of weight loss.

It burns fat, works your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds whilst strengthening and toning your whole body!

Focus & Concentration

Centre Yourself

The ability to focus and concentrate our minds is essential to all of us if we want to achieve success.

The first area are we work upon are the 3 golden rules of concentration: focus your eyes, focus your mind, focus your body.

The body and mind work in a two-way process. Through practising and refining control over our bodies we greater increase the control over our minds and vice-versa.



Respect is a crucial ingredient of the Martial Arts. Students learn to get respect by giving respect and treating other people the way they want to be treated.

Self Control


Through technical exercises and skill advancements we teach people to develop control over their bodies. Once they learn how to control their body the mind follows.

In particular this is guided towards preventing people from losing their self-control when they are angry or frustrated. Martial Arts practice helps them to control their bodies when they are angry and want to act upon that anger.

Improvements In Other Sports

Sporting Excellence

Martial Arts training is excellent for developing the phsycial attributes and psychological components necessary for success in every sport.

At Hurricane our instructors are having coached 72 World Champions have had to be at the forefront of improving attributes such as speed, power, timing, flexibility, co-ordination, Strength, timing, reaction and many more.

Self Discipline


Self Discipline is exactly like a muscle. The more it is used the bigger it gets! Our programmes are all goal-orientated and are monitored. If they desire, we provide our members with tasks to achieve their objectives.

This highlights the importance of self discipline in terms of achieving their goals and also gives them practice at growing their will power and focus.

Self Defence


We teach the physical techniques of self defence but more importantly we also teach the attitudes of self defence such as awareness and being able to anticipate potentially dangerous situations before they occur.



Giving out the right signals is crucial in protecting against bullying.

On top of lots of physical and mental tactics, we teach the correct body language to enable our students to express themselves in a confident.