Hurricane Combat and Fitness

The Very Best in Kickboxing, Martial Arts & Fitness Classes 

Kids Kickboxing Classes, Liverpool
Monday-Saturday in Bootle & Fazakerley

Martial Arts are about much 

more than kicking and punching. It is for this reason that all our kids classes and programmes incorporate the renowned SUCCESS FOR LIFE programme. Alongside teaching martial arts such as kickboxing, karate and grappling, as well as short, medium and long-range striking, we emphasise character development, health, fitness and self defence.

Kids Kickboxing Classes Liverpool
We help you give your child all the tools they need to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Children develop 
their motor skills, balance & co-ordination whilst also becoming physically fit, strong and healthy. Their listening, concentration and focus as well as their goal-setting, confidence and self-defence abilities will also be enhanced dramatically.