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Top 10 Carbs

Top 10 Carbohydrates To Eat On A Weight-Loss Diet



a) High Soluble fibre – Dissolves slowly – keeps you fuller for longer.

b) Studies suggest that it attacks Visceral fat (hard to get at around mid-section and vital organs)

Number 2


a) High in fibre, packed full of other nutrients – protein and iron.

b) Great for fuelling training sessions.

c) Good for your heart and digestive system – aids weight loss.

Number 3

Wheat Berries

No longer the preserve of the vegetarians, they are increasingly used by those on low calorie diets as they are jam-packed with fibre, iron, magnesium, zinc, and Bb vitamins. 

All of this means these mini Kernels are fantastic for helping transport and transfer your food and convert it into energy. They will also rev up your metabolism.

Number 4


Welcome to the ultimate “super food.” It’s the super protein food that contains essential amino acids for building lean muscle and all-importantly for people desiring weight-loss revving up that metabolism. 

Not only does it pack the protein punch, it doesn’t contain any of the harmful fats that meat-sourced proteins do.

Number 5


Essential to free-radical fighters packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Number 6

Wholegrain Pasta

Slow burning; high fibre and fantastically full of nutrients – keeping you fuller for longer.

Number 7

Wholegrain Brown Rice

Slow burning; high fibre and fantastically full of nutrients – keeping you fuller for longer.

Number 8


A Barley Salad or soup is an ideal alternative to the cookie or bar of chocolate when you get those mid-afternoon snack-attack cravings. 

Studies also suggest that opting for this complex carbohydrate treat will satisfy your hunger cravings but also prevent future blood sugar spikes.

Number 9


Don’t overlook these naturally healthy, sweet and full of fibre and nutrients carbohydrates. They are a great way to satisfy your sweet cravings minus the empty calories.

Number 10

Cracked Wheat

This is often overlooked as it is a little time consuming to prepare but you can prepare a whole week’s worth of dinners in one go. 

Amazingly, just half a cup of cracked wheat contains a staggering 5 grams of slow-burning fibre!